Is professional education dead?

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Blog author: Nina Murray, Associate Tutor & Assessor, Inspired2learn

The global economy and businesses around the world have been hugely impacted by the events from the past 12 months. Global pandemic, Brexit and 12% of the global supply being stuck in the Suez Canal for days are just some of the key events that rocked the business world across the planet, so could anything have really helped to prepare leaders and managers to deal with crisis at this level?

I have been thinking about it a lot, as in the recent times, the business world has been evolving and moving much faster than most educational bodies can keep up with, so is professional education still relevant?

Can teaching as we know it help us to prepare not only for the long-term future, but even for the nearest future?

Can the traditional way of teaching (and learning) compete with the speed and progress of technology, robots learning faster and taking over some of our jobs already?

The reality is that in most cases nothing could have prepared us for COVID and the severity of its impact, and even with Brexit – the amount of learning and preparation that could have been done before is also limited as the details were worked on by the government until the very last minute, so is it even really possible to prepare for business and life in a world that’s getting faster, more unpredictable and more uncertain every day?

Not completely of course, but that’s no different to any other time in the world before now. Every era and every decade come with huge amounts of learning, unpredictability, new technology and advance, and the key to not feeling petrified of the future and not falling behind is in the development of our minds and evolution of our skills.

The key is not in having all the time in the world to prepare, but in being able to react in a timely manner.

The key is not in having all the answers, but in being able to ask the right questions and make effective decisions quickly.

The key is not in adopting one management and leadership style for life, but in knowing and being able to effectively use a variety of styles and pick the most effective one for any given time or situation.

And that’s exactly where professional education and bodies like the Chartered Management Institute really help.

The CMI is the only Chartered Body for Management and Leadership in the UK and have been working with business and education for over 70 years. Throughout all this time they were able not just to develop new leaders and managers through learning from past experiences and by basing their education on well known theories, but also by being able to move fast, conduct nationwide research and create timely solutions to support people in the moment.

And this is invaluable.

By being supported by and learning from professional bodies like the CMI, you learn how to ask effective questions, how to challenge your own thinking, how to be the most effective leader, and of course how to be able to adapt to the ever-changing business environment.

As a leader and manager, to know that you have access to timely support from bodies like the CMI, to have the confidence any leader and manager needs to deal with turbulent times, and to have access to world class timely solutions that can help you and your business is simply priceless. Although, saying that… according to CMI research Chartered Managers (the highest status that can be achieved in the management and leadership profession) boost their business revenue by £62k each year and £310k over 5 years so there definitely is a price!

Is professional education dead then?? Most definitely not, and if it carries on adapting and evolving alongside the business world, it will continue to push us ahead and shape the future of lives.

At Inspired2learn we have been working with the CMI for 19 years now and are proud to offer their world class standard of qualifications and help to develop more effective leaders and managers.

If you are interested in developing your professional skills you can check out our offer of CMI management & leadership qualifications (all available as an Award, Certificate or Diploma) and decide which one will be most suitable for your career and future:

CMI Level 3 – For First Line/Supervisory/Team Leading

CMI Level 5 – For Middle/Operational Management

CMI Level 6 – For Senior/Regional/Specialist Management

CMI Level 7 – For Senior/Strategic Management

Chartered Manager – The highest status in the management profession (available via the full assessment of fast-track routes)

Happy learning, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout on +44 (0) 1380 888013 or



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