Qualification learning modules

A menu of live virtual workshops via Zoom each month

Pick and Mix – 6 study modules of recorded workshops

Flexible approach – create your own learning journey

Named personal tutor to advise and guide you

Learn what you need and follow your interests

Qualification Learning Modules

How does our modular approach work?

When you study with us you can attend live virtual workshops and also choose from well over 200 hours of recorded content and a huge range of topics in coaching, mentoring & supervision.

Since 2020 all of our webinar workshops have been recorded and are available to you 24/7. Our modular approach is truly flexible and ideal for a mix-and-match approach.

Either follow the pathway below (beginning with Module 1) or dip in and out according to your needs and interests. Beginners to coaching are likely to start with Module 1 and more experienced coaches can skip straight to the masterclasses.

  • Module 1 – for beginners – core skills and ethics
  • Module 2 – creating your coaching toolkit – a few of the best to get you started
  • Module 3 – supporting your development  with models and theories 
  • Module 4 – extending your coaching toolkit – practical tools and techniques 
  • Module 5 – coaching demonstrations – ‘live’ and unscripted 
  • Module 6 – masterclasses – more advanced tools and techniques
Qualification Learning Modules
Qualification Learning Modules

Other learning opportunities include….

Specialist NLP tools and techniques – an optional theme for your studies

Coaching triads – practice with other coaches and benefit from peer support

Practice sessions – live webinars where you can try out new tools through co-coaching and with support from Clare

Advice sessions to help you write ILM qualification assignments 

FREE face to face training modules (2 days) in Wiltshire – subject to availability as places are limited – two courses per year on average. The next dates are August 2023 and November 2023.

FREE alumni events to support you beyond your studies with us – quarterly alumni meetings for networking, sharing and discussion of current topics in coaching and mentoring.

Networking with other coaches – plenty of personal contact with other coaches on live webinars and meetings – grow your network and benefit from peer support.

What do our learners say about the course content?

“There are so many amazing resources available, and the level of support is really great. I really enjoyed the introduction to coaching webinar I found that one super inspiring!” Claire 

“I am really enjoying this course. I feel like a child in sweetie shop!” Kathryn

I’m really loving all of this. I am inspired for the first time in a very long time!!!” Helen

Qualification Learning Modules