Transform your goals with VISION


Reviews for Clare's first book...

“This is not just a book to read but to engage with. It’s packed with insights and ideas to help you achieve and fulfil your vision. In a world of hype, this book actually provides the help you require to create a compelling future.”

Paul McGee, author of SUMO and How to Stop Worrying

‘This is a deceptively powerful book; it’s warm, inviting and fun to look at but actually, it’s a tiger in lambs clothing. Anyone seriously intending to realise significant change in their circumstances would do well to work through the methods described here.”

Julie Starr, author of The Coaching Manual and Brilliant Coaching

“Stacked with brilliant, easy-to-follow and immediately useful tools, this is the Holy Grail of self development and leadership.”

Will Thomas, best-selling author.

“Thank you for the amazing and life-changing book and for the coaching questions which I have used so much in my life to make good changes.” Anna, trainer & coach  


“I started off applying VISION to my business which is two years old. I’ve become more focused and more motivated to make my business work and see it through. Instead of saying ‘it won’t work’ I am now saying ‘I want to make it work’. I am now applying the VISION system to my wedding next year! Sally, executive coach


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About Clare's book

Transform your goals with VISION

This book is about transforming your goals. The book will give you a powerful vision of what you want – at home, work or another area of your life. You will discover what works and use 17 tools to support and help you achieve your dreams and ambitions. Increase your effectiveness, achieve your goals and make things happen. Take away and use a 7-step system with practical activities. The beauty of VISION is that the activities and tools can be used time and time again for different places and situations. You are provided with step-by-step instructions, plus templates that you can use as many times as you like.

We hope you like the photo from the inside cover of the book!

Below you can see snippets from the book, plus a few examples of readers’ work and ideas from working through the book.

Clare has since published two other coaching books and created a pack of coaching cards.

All the books are available as eBooks – you can order and pay by using the links below. 


Cards £20 and eBooks £10

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