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A – Z Coaching and Mentoring – This week’s extract from Clare Smale’s book highlights ‘Needs Analysis’.

Don’t forget if you have a special request for a definition of a coaching term or principle, just let us know! Perfect for anyone studying for an ILM Coaching & Mentoring qualification, or as a refresher for experienced coaches.


Needs analysis can be used to determine the gap between the existing skills, knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and abilities of the client and those that they want or need in order to function at a certain level.

A needs analysis could help by identifying the following: ?

  • Skills knowledge or behaviours for development ?
  • Expectations and goals ?
  • The need and demand for coaching ?
  • What can realistically be achieved given the available coaching resources ?
  • Obstacles or barriers to coaching ?
  • The best fit between the coach and client ?
  • The most appropriate coaching format – frequency, method, duration ?
  • The skill set and knowledge base that is required of the coach ?
  • The required budget and cost-benefit analysis ?
  • The most suitable evaluation approach ?
  • What results can be expected and if/how these can be measured.

Methods of needs analysis include: ?

  • Personal development plan (PDP) ?
  • Training needs analysis (TNA) ?
  • Personal development review (PDR) ?
  • Feedback processes ?
  • Skills audit/scorecard ?
  • Preparation for coaching form ?
  • Contracting meetings ?
  • One to one interview.

Taken from the A-Z Coaching Handbook by Clare Smale where you will find a comprehensive A-Z, plus a full list of references.

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