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A – Z Coaching and Mentoring – here is the first of a series of random extracts from Clare’s book – more to follow each week throughout 2018 – if you have a special request for a definition of a coaching term or principle, just let us know! Perfect for anyone studying for an ILM Coaching & Mentoring qualification, or as a refresher for experienced coaches.

An entry from Aa seems like a good place to start…

Actualisation happens when a person is continually striving to be the best they can be. Actualisation is a bit like the acorn growing into an oak tree or the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. For the client, actualisation is about fulfilling their potential and it is a process that doesn’t have an end point. The role of a coach is to create the best coaching environment to nurture potential and enable the client to flourish and this can be done by encouraging clients to:

  • develop moments of peak experience, where they are excited about goals or achievements
  • explore the meaning of their goals or achievements at a deeper level of harmony
  • take risks, be spontaneous and experiment
  • appreciate what is currently going well, is abundant in their lives or brings them joy
  • laugh at themselves and their faults or failings
  • think critically and creatively
  • accept that life isn’t always fair and that there will be disappointments, uncertainly and frustration
  • be independent and resourceful, choosing and pursuing their own direction.

Self-actualisation was first defined by Abraham Maslow in his Hierarchy of Needs in 1943


Taken from the A-Z Coaching Handbook by Clare M Smale where you will find a comprehensive A-Z, plus a full list of references.


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