International Coaching Week – Systemic Coaching



5 books that have made a difference to my coaching

My pledge for International Coaching Week is t to re-visit one of my favourite books and review it for you. Here is my fourth choice of book – Systemic Coaching.

Book #4 – Systemic Coaching

I am cheating a bit today, by recommending a book I’ve not read properly yet. 

Having read the first few chapters and skimmed through the rest of the book, I can see how it is going to have a big impact on my thinking as well as my practical approach to coaching and supervision. Until fairly recently, I’ve paid cursory attention to coaching with the wider system in mind and instead have focused very much on the individual client. Having spent time in the company of Peter and Eve recently (co-authors of the book), I have been inspired to learn more about systemic coaching and its finer nuances and approaches – I have a feeling this book is going to brilliant and set me on a new learning journey.

It is crammed with not just a wide review of published literature and theory, but also practical tools and techniques and I love the balance it has created. The voices of the authors come through and it is both an academic and warm read.

A quick summary of some of the core themes:

  • The 7 eyed model of coaching and supervision
  • The four levels of engagement
  • Multi stakeholder contracting
  • The systemic coaching process, models and tools
  • Systemic approaches to working with individuals and teams
  • Developing a coaching culture
  • Systemic ethics and compassion
  • Systemic evaluation

I hope this has whetted your appetite. Over the past few years my reading and CPD has mostly added depth to approaches I already know and trust. This is going to take me in a whole new direction and broaden my horizons and it feels like the beginning of something new and exciting.

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