Are you in love with coaching?


Are you in love with coaching?


I know I am, although like any relationship it has its ups and downs! With the theme of Valentine’s Day on my mind, I’ve been wondering why its so easy to fall in love with coaching.


I am in love with coaching because…..


  • Its rewarding to see a coachee leave a session in a different place compared to when they arrived.


  • Its beauty is its simplicity – I think the principles of a great coaching session are straightforward – listen deeply, say little and trust that a few great questions delivered at the right time in the right tone will facilitate at the very least, some useful thinking and at its best, moments of transformational change, realisation, problem solving, celebration and growth. Coaching is a multibillion-pound global industry with training for coaches across a huge variety of methodologies. However, when distilled to its essence, a little goes a long way. Armed with a coaching framework such as GROW or CLEAR, a prompt sheet of questions and a listening ear, anyone can hold a coaching style conversation with minimal training. Mastery comes with practice, commitment to CPD and ongoing supervision.


  • It works! There’s plenty of research evidence to support this – equally as important is feedback from clients who tell you they have solved problems, achieved more than they thought they could, developed their career, taken a new direction, overcome obstacles, developed more resilience and positivity, made big decisions, feel re-energised, more motivated and have kicked their imposter syndrome into touch.


  • The coaching community is supportive – coaches are some of the most generous, collaborative, compassionate and interesting people I have met professionally. It’s great being part of a community that cares about people, workplaces and impact.


  • It’s a never-ending journey of professional and personal development. If you love learning then coaching could be for you! As a coach you will be always be a work in progress and never the finished article – CPD, supervision and reflective practice are a big part of what we do and there is never a dull moment. Stay curious, be surprised by your clients, notice ethical challenges and explore the myriad of tools and methodologies on offer.


  • Becoming a coach suits all backgrounds, professions and contexts and that is what makes it so fascinating – the lovely people I help gain coaching qualifications and supervise come from all walks of life (nurses, train drivers, engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, soldiers, lawyers, managers, waste operatives and elite sports people – to name just a few!).


  • Being a coach is life changing – once you’ve learnt a different way to listen and ‘be’, there is no going back. It is likely to change the way you interact and support others forever – in leadership, the workplace, teams, family, socially and more.


What’s not to love!

If you’d like to become a coach or need support with ongoing CPD and supervision, get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you.




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