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A – Z Coaching and Mentoring – This week’s extract highlights Locus of control, the focus of our Learn2Coach webinar on 9th June, exploring the way in which people perceive their level of control over events in their life.

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Locus of Control (Rotter 1954) is the way in which people perceive their level of control over events in their life. People with a higher locus of control may believe more in in their ability to change things, influence the world around them and control themselves. Those with lower locus of control may be more passive and accepting (they might believe more in luck and fate, assuming that they can’t make a difference).

The locus of control continuum is not intended to be interpreted as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Both internal and external locus of control have useful and problematic traits. However, a high internal locus of control is thought to bring advantages such as:

  • Dealing better with stress
  • Being better able to focus on goals
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Problem solving

Taken from the A-Z Coaching Handbook by Clare Smale where you will find a comprehensive A-Z, plus a full list of references.

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