Clare’s Coaching Cards – Great Ways to Use Them – Part 1


The ideas we are sharing over the next few weeks are designed to support your coaching. We’ve not provided full instructions and have assumed that you have a working knowledge of coaching skills, models and theories. If you’d like extra support with your coaching cards and how you might use them, just get in touch

The questions we have chosen for the cards are free of judgement, suggestion, direction, content and context. They can be applied to any situation. The way in which the question is offered (e.g. tone of voice, physiology of the coach, intent, kindness and challenge) is part of the skills and behaviours of effective coaching. 

So, firstly we explore how to use the questions….

Question cards

We have found that the question cards are best used randomly rather than in any sort of order.

  • Fan out the cards with the pictures up and the questions hidden, or spread them out on a table in the same way.
  • The pictures and question on each card is not linked in any way, although a coachee might find a link of their own.
  • Choose a card at random – turn it over and use the question.
  • Questions can be applied to the last answer that the coachee gave, or to the overall goal / situation – let the coachee choose and let them be in charge of the direction their thinking takes when the question appears.
  • Maybe the picture on the chosen card appears to be linked to the question in some way and provides a good way to explore or follow up the question further.

When the time is right, choose another question at random. Sometimes the conversation will flow logically and sometimes it will jump around – both are fine.


Clare’s Coaching Cards contain 55 original images and 55 coaching questions, presented as a pack of education cards (usefully larger than normal playing cards and still small enough to tuck into a pocket or bag). The 55 coaching questions can be applied to any situation – at home, work or somewhere else.

Available to purchase here. If you’d like any more information on Coaching & Mentoring and to chat about which qualification may be suitable for you do get in touch.

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