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Blog author: Nina Murray, Associate Tutor & Assessor, Inspired2learn

There are never any guarantees in life and to a point, tomorrow is always uncertain but what we are experiencing right now is another level of uncertainty and what comes with it – worry.

It is hard to get your head around your career development or progression when the only messages you are bombarded with are full of negative news. Most days all we hear about is the continuously growing list of businesses who are struggling or going bust, thousands of jobs being cut and the economy in a state that will take years (and generations) to recover.

During challenging times like this though, I believe it’s key for us to keep perspective and look at what we are experiencing from all angles, so we can get a more holistic view and start to think about the shape the future might take.

How can I focus on getting perspective and think of the future when the COVID crisis and lockdowns seem never ending, you might be thinking?

Well, although undeniably things are not all rosy at the moment, it’s also not all doom and gloom. Whilst a lot of industries and business have struggled (travel, hospitality and the entertainment industries to name just a few), there are also plenty of others who have seen a massive growth since the pandemic has started (think online retail, teaching platforms, cyber security, entertainment steaming services, the food industry and many others).

Yes, I’ve seen and read comments online about some businesses being ‘lucky’ to be in ‘the right place, at the right time’ during the COVID pandemic and be able to profit from what’s going on around the world, but it’s all too easy to credit luck with their success.

In all cases the real core of their growth and success is not luck, but in fact excellent leadership and management. The simple truth is that no amount of luck will help you if you can’t manage your business successfully. Just think about Skype for example, technically ‘in the right place and at the right time’, the once most popular platform connecting people around the world is hardly mentioned now, whilst everyone is on ‘zoom’ all the time.

The speed that leadership and management have been evolving over the past twelve months has increased so rapidly, it’s not enough for leaders and managers to have some basic management skills and be able to manage crisis. Excellent leadership and management now demands leaders and managers to be agile, creative, solution focused, flexible, adaptable and of course more ‘human’ than ever before. As established by the CMI Management Transformed research some of the key managerial traits that are more important in 2021 than ever before are: honesty, empathy, transparency, listening skills and responsive to change. Forbes also establishes that out of 7 key leadership traits required in the post Covid world, 4 will be: honesty, empathy, humility and active listening.

With most teams working from home and most work being done online (or in a hybrid way), it’s also paramount for leaders to be able to look after the wellbeing of their teams, in fact ‘Ensuring staff wellbeing’ has been cited by the CMI as the most important role for managers to play in 2021.

All of the above points to the fact that continuous development and investment in your management and leadership skills is absolutely paramount right now. And the best thing about it is the fact that investing in yourself is simply the safest bet you can make in life, as no matter what’s happening with different industries – no one can ever take away your skills and abilities.

Right now, the companies who are experiencing growth are looking for the best leaders and managers. The post Covid world will also be looking for top leadership and managerial skills and the competition will be stiff so if you don’t want to be left behind, you need to get ahead.

If you are an experienced leader and manager you need to focus on building on your existing skills, expanding your abilities and sharpening your knowledge. If becoming leader or a manger is your ambition and you are at the start of your journey, you also need to focus on gaining knowledge, skills and abilities that will be key in the post covid world.

It is no longer good enough to do a couple of leadership courses that will teach you all about leadership in the pre-Covid world as that world simply no longer exists. What you need is the top of the range, well rounded and future focused education that will give you the skills, knowledge, and abilities as well as the credibility necessary in the post Covid world.

You might have already done some research, or you might be wondering what courses are available and most suitable for you, but whatever the stage of your career planning you are at, I encourage you to check out the latest CMI Leadership and Management qualifications.

From Level 3 (for First Line/Supervisory/Team Leader), through Level 5 (Middle/Operational Management) to Level 7 (Senior/Strategic Management), all levels are focused on teaching you what you will need to get ahead in the post Covid world.

The CMI are the only organisation that can award Chartered Manager status, the highest accolade for managers and leaders so you can be sure that your investment in yourself through their qualifications will come with the learning and credibility that will allow you to look to the future with hope and confidence, rather than fear and worry.

If you are ready to make the safest bet you can possibly make and invest in yourself & your future, why not check out the different levels of CMI management & leadership qualifications (all available as an Award, Certificate or Diploma) and decide which one will be most suitable for your career and future:

Level 3 – For First Line/Supervisory/Team Leading

Level 5 – For Middle/Operational Management

Level 6 – For Senior/Regional/Specialist Management

Level 7 – For Senior/Strategic Management

Chartered Manager – The highest status in the management profession (available via the full assessment of fast-track routes)

Happy learning, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout on +44 (0) 1380 888013 or


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