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Leadership is a central role in any company and for any individual’s career development. 

But leadership skills aren’t necessarily taught in college or university. Technical skills and a degree can only take an aspiring leader so far.

To become an effective leader and propel your career forward, you need the soft skills needed to complete your portfolio as a leader. Soft skills such as being a good listener, a good communicator, and much more

A combination of soft and hard skills are needed to become a good, effective leader that employees can learn from and that can inspire and command respect.

There are many types of leaders and leadership styles – there is no correct answer when it comes to becoming a leader in the workplace. But there are certain characteristics and skills one must have in order to be successful in a leadership position.

Skills to have when you want to become a better leader


Leaders don’t need anyone to tell them what to do. Most already know what to do. So it’s simple: to become a good leader, you need to take initiative and volunteer for more responsibilities – yes, this involves going above and beyond your current position.

Critical thinking

Leaders are problem solvers. They must be able to identify potential problems and know how to fix already existing problems in a team or a company.

Effective listening

A good leader doesn’t simply boss everyone around – they listen to their employees and teams to craft an inclusive system that has everyone in mind. As a good communicator, you are able to create an environment where everyone can express their ideas for the better.

More than that, good leaders need excellent listening skills to hear and apply feedback from customers and employees alike. After all, being aware of the problem helps you solve it.

A motivator

A leader motivates and influences people to work harder and strive to be the best. A leader can energise an otherwise down-in-the-dumps team towards success.

They know what drives their employees and will offer them the recognition they deserve.

But sometimes, having these skills is not enough. Here is a better way to become a good leader.

Diploma in strategic management and leadership

The Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership equips leaders with the necessary skills and competencies to become an effective manager who is strategic and a great leader no matter where they go.

From financial management, planning, strategic management, and risk management training and strategies, the Diploma is best for management professionals that are required by their workplace to transform organisational strategy to the effective performance that can be measured.

More than that, the course allows you to build the confidence you need to become a better leader, and of course, certify the skills you already have.

Are you interested in learning more about the course and what it entails? Keep reading to find out more.

Diploma in management and leadership

With Inspired2Learn, you can get a diploma in management and leadership, fully equipped for distance learning.

This diploma is a comprehensive course to develop the necessary management skills that can be applied strategically. This will allow you to perform as an effective leader in the workplace such as a senior manager.

This course is designed for managers who are responsible for the development and performance of their employees or team and want to use their experience as a leader to gain a deeper understanding of organisational strategy.

What is included in the course? 

We have a few must-haves and extras we have added to ensure the best possible outcome for our managers. Here are some of the things that are included in the course:

  • Inspired2Learn’s study guides as PDFs giving you a thorough outline of each element of your course, the marking criteria and how to approach assessments.
  • Registration and membership includes resources, advice and networking opportunities to support your career and qualification.
  • Interactive online eLearning provided by our company.
  • Learning resources to suit your style of learning – video, audio, and downloadable PDFs.
  • Personal tutor support – a dedicated tutor (for each module) on hand to help with any aspect of your learning.
  • Dedicated student support team available to help with queries related to submissions, workshop bookings and help using the Learning Management System.

What are the benefits of the course? 

Besides gaining the soft skills you need, the course has a couple of benefits:

  • A path towards becoming a successful manager
  • Add credibility to your course through our internationally recognised diploma
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge you can apply to your managerial role
  • Learn the current trends and the best practices in the management industry
  • Discover your management style and apply it well to become a confident leader

Who can take this course? 

You might be wondering, am I even qualified to take this course?

There is no formal entry requirement to take this course. We do recommend this course for middle to upper management individuals that have about 10 years of experience in the management position.

How long does the course take? 

This course can take anywhere between 24 to 28 months but can be taken at your own pace. This translates to at least 660 hours of management training.

What do I need to do? What is required of me?

We don’t ask for much, but we do request that you do the following when taking our course:

  • Read all required texts
  • Take reasonable advantage of your support tutor
  • Attend all workshops required for the module when appropriate
  • Meet all assignment deadline dates where appropriate
  • Acknowledge tutor feedback comments and amend assignment text as recommended
  • Apply the teachings to your workplace

Doing the following allows us to help you better, making the management course even more effective than it already is.

Trust Inspired2Learn to help you become a better leader today

Are you interested in honing your leadership and management skills by taking a management course with us?

Give us a call and ask us about how we can help you become a better leader today. We have training programs, courses, and diplomas for aspiring managers, current managers, and seasoned managers alike.

Build towards your career through leadership with Inspired2Learn!

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