After a period of unhappiness at work I realised I was being bullied by my Line Manager. I put up with the behaviour for a period of 8 months until I broke down at work one day realising that I had been overlooked yet again for a promotion opportunity. My Christmas leave had been cancelled with no communication, I had been moved roles without no consultation or communication, I was excluded from management meetings and only heard about them the next day and told to leave my office by the end of the day so the incumbent could start in my role.

I spoke to my second line manager and submitted a Grievance. The process was deeply upsetting and at the end I did not feel satisfied with the process or outcome. However I had been reinstated into the promotion pool and the behaviours form my line Manager was better. I have since been promoted and work in a different environment.

Through Inspired2learn I was able to use the coaching sessions to raise my issues. I was provided with coping mechanisms and communication techniques to manage communication with this manager. Inspired2learn gave me the confidence and support to take this difficult challenge on when I was at a weak time in my life though low confidence and low self-esteem. I was able to deal with these issues within the workplace and it did not intrude into my homelife maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Thank You Inspired2learn.