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Industry reviews

Amazing resources

I am really enjoying the course so far, there are so many amazing resources available, and the level of support is really great. I really enjoyed the introduction to coaching webinar I found that one super inspiring!

I have found myself stepping up as a leader to my team

As a manager I have learnt to value others differences this is something I did not consider previously. This has allowed me to become a better manager I have found myself stepping up as a leader to my team. Also the models and methods learnt during this course have allowed me to make proposals using ACCURATE information this allows me to confidently support my proposals. The organisation has benefited from my participation in that I am much more aware of organisational strategy and how it links through the organisation. I feel much more confident about my management and leadership abilities and feel confident to tackle more complex decisions and design operational strategies.

It’s been great to know I can talk to someone outside of school on matters of concern

Clare really encouraged me to think about what influences me and how I can change and cope/deal with these situations in a very positive way – the coaching has really made me stop and think and has allowed me to not let things worry me. I feel I have made significant progress with my career because of these sessions. It was also brilliant to do these sessions face-to-face that made a real difference and it was never rushed! Clare has been a fantastic coach and tutor – she has always answered my calls and emails (even when they weren’t scheduled!!) and she would give very good detailed advice whenever she could. She has been very supportive and has really encouraged me to stick at things, especially whilst I was experiencing personal and professional problems.

I will really miss Claire’s advice and support – it’s been great to know I can talk to someone outside of school on matters of concern. Thank you Claire for being a great coach – I promise to keep in touch and update you on my progress.

Knowledgeable and kind

Clare was very responsive to our needs and used this to construct and flex the agenda. She was great – very knowledgeable, very thought-provoking and extremely kind.

Your offer of support and words of encouragement were valued.

Just a short note to say thank you for your input today up at the LSC Regional Office in Gateshead.  It is really important that we have an idea of the key criteria and expectations for the course. You set these out clearly and succinctly, and answered our questions just as needed. I certainly feel more reassured about embarking on the course following your session. Your offer of support and words of encouragement were also valued. We appreciate you making such a long journey to support us.

Stimulating and thought inspiring coaching

Clare provides challenging sessions that result in detailed discussion and realistic target setting. Clare has a positive and relaxed manner that inspires confidence and encourages you to think outside the box. Her knowledge and experience of leadership is shared and used to good effect. I always feel I have achieved a great deal and planned to achieve a great deal more, during our meetings and coaching sessions. Stimulating and thought-inspiring.