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Testimonials and Clients - CMI Management and Leadership Qualifications

CMI Management & Leadership Qualifications and training courses - here are some of our clients. Most of these have undertaken CMI accreditation with us and others have commissioned bespoke soft skills workshops in a variety of management and leadership topics. Scroll down to read a selection of client testimonials.


          McCarthy & Stone                                 
                Edge 4 Health - NHS  


"I wanted to write to say thank you so much for your encouragement and support when I was completing my level 7 qualification in strategic management & leadership. I had been made redundant whilst completing my qualification with you and took a totally different career path and my career has gone in a fabulous direction. I had to be qualified to level 5 or over and when I presented my CMI certificate the HR Manager made such a fuss I felt very proud. I wanted to let you know as I am loving my new job and at 45 years old I didn't think that I could take my career into the inspirational new direction as I have. Thank you for sticking by me, all the best and keep doing what you're doing"   Adele, recent career change manager


"I just wanted to thank you and Inspired2Learn for your support and clear guidance in attaining this Diploma. I found the whole course and wider research to be very relevant and valuable for my role in the workplace. There was a great balance between sourcing information from secondary research and primary observation and the resource materials provided for the course and the individual modules were great aids, concisely providing all the information and support to complete the Diploma.   Guy, Operations Manager


“Completing this course has given me a real confidence boost and enabled me to gain insight into myself and the way in which I communicate with others influences decisions and outcomes. Being able to put some of this into practice has enabled me to look at the individuals within my team and their own personalities to ensure I am getting the best from them, maximising the use of their skills. I have built delegation into my work routines, which has enabled others to progress and has freed up time for me to be able to concentrate on my most important areas of work rather than feeling overwhelmed at the extent and number of tasks I give myself. A course which should be recommended to any Manager.” Emily, Middle Manager


“I chose the level 5 course after discussion with my manager, as it is more strategic than the level 3 and better suits my role as Information Manager. I was a little apprehensive at the start of the course as I'd only been a manager for four months, but I needn't have worried. The course is excellent. The tutor is very good and the materials provided are comprehensive. It does require a fair amount of time outside of work, especially when the assignments are due, but it is well worth it. The course itself combines discussions, group work and working in pairs to practice skills learned, and provides a safe environment to develop skills essential to managing in a local authority. I would highly recommend the course to anyone setting out as a manager.” Hilary, Information Manager


"The Level 5 Diploma has given me a really good overview of management and helped me to see beyond my service area. I've been able to demonstrate this value by recently providing a review and improvements to my departments performance management framework - making clearer links between the organisation's objectives, team and individual objectives.  This is something that I wouldn't have been confident doing without the research and learning that I obtained from attending the course. The independent study and the way that it was applied to my work throughout the course has meant that I now have a base of knowledge to work from, and I'm careful to inform my work and decisions through research.  My work and research from my management diploma project has meant that I've been in a position to assist the department in addressing culture and morale issues at a time of uncertainty for the future and change." Justin, middle manager

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